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Samanta Tīna new music video

World is moving onward and MS 16 is dynamic with these changes. This time MS 16 is supporting our Latvian voice, and owner of this delightful voice is Samanta Tīna. Samanta have a story to tell. Music video was created to help spread the story to your home where ever you are. We worked together to make this music video. Hope you enjoy, stay safe.

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MS 16 solidarity

For an unknown time we have to take responsibility of social distance. This is most safest way to deal with pandemic like COVID-19. As a company we are supporting our workers for social distancing and help them work from home. Now MS 16 making sure that everyone who works for MS 16 feels safe. No one will get fired no matter what. We are ready to stand by our workers.

MS 16 has always been about solidarity.

The COVID-19 is placing pressure on our economic system. It’s possible the months ahead will be very volatile and dynamic. When European countries start discussing how to deal with lockdowns, local officials are often the people best positioned to determine conditions and implement steps to improve economic growth while maintaining public health.

Next steps are not clear to us, but we are keeping a close eye on reliable sources such as WHO (World Health Organization) for the newest pandemic information. The WHO calls on countries to work together to reduce the spread of the virus, while investing heavily in initiatives to improve public health. But MS 16 will help and protect workers in any case scenario. And only together we will get thru this.