Investment approach

We focus our investment approach in long-term performance by fully integrating sustainable analysis into our decision-making at every step.

Comprehensive, nuanced and multifaceted, our research process incorporates secular analysis, topical and industry research, company analysis and input form a variety of external subject matter experts.

The first step in our investment process is to form a strategic view on how certain areas of the economy, such as industry or a region, are expected to change over the long term. We are interested in understanding the forces shaping company profitability and value in the future.

Our analysis includes conventional drives, such as market share, input cost pressure and changes in consumer tastes, in additional to broader sustainability challenges.


Solution meetings

Gatherings of external experts brought together to help inform our thinking on complex topics.


Research board

Experienced and diverse group meets annually to discuss key long-term issues that may have a material impact on the investment landscape.


Research roadmaps

Detailed proprietary research on countries, industries, subsectors and topics relevant to our investment interests.


Company analysis

Once we have formed a strategic view, we then look to identify quality companies we believe will thrive in this environment in the long term. We seek to invest in sustainable business providing products and services consistent with a low carbo, prosperous, equitable, healthy and safe society.

The search for quality is at the core of our investment analysis and diligence. We integrate fundamental analysis and sustainability factors to better assess the quality of the business and management teams. We believe our investment process leads to differenced conclusions on the quality and long-term performance of the companies and management teams we invest in.

We take our responsibility seriously and consider being engaged shareholder an integral part of our responsible ownership and not something that can be outsourced. We actively engage with companies and provide guidance on areas where we have insight and experience.