MS 16 is supporting Latvian Golf Federation.

MS16 is proud to announce its partnership with the Latvian Golf Federation (LGF). This union will serve as one of the engines for growth and development of the golf ecosystem in Latvia.
The Latvian Golf Federation is a non-profit organization dedicated to increasing the number of golfers and society’s interest in the game of golf. LGF’s main goal is to ensure that players of every kind and ability have the possibility to play, compete and improve their game.
By cooperating with the LGF, MS16 aspires to support and assist in achieving the strategic goals established by the federation.
“We are delighted to work alongside the Latvian Golf Federation and support the growth of golf in Latvia. Golf is a sport that requires concentration, accuracy, and commitment, and we feel that these qualities align with our company’s philosophy. We are eager to collaborate with the LGF and help them improve.”

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