Results of Latvian Junior Golf Championship

Latvian Junior Championship ended with the victory of the twins Marlena Gavars and Francis Gavars in the absolute rating. Tournament in Jurmala Golf Club gathered more than eighty participants in five different age groups from seven countries. Highest ranked tournament players received the first points in prestige world amateur rank WAGR.

Players were gifted with presents from MS 16, Latvian Golf Federation, Balticovo and other sponsors.

We wish the luck to all the participants in further competitions!


MS 16 improves ML technologies

In asset management, we already have a significant and growing portion of assets being managed using data-driven “quantitative” investment strategies. This should be the starting point for discussing machine learning (ML) in investment research.

To successfully manage large amounts of peer-to-peer investments, our team has prepared an algorithm which saves a lot of time and manual work by investing in loans automatically. ML helps to develop strategies more efficient and profitable.

MS 16 together with Sneakypeer is constantly improving knowledge for Risk Team to ensure that they are working with the latest technologies to process large amount of data for data-driven investments.

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MS 16 supports young golfers!

During the weekend Latvian Junior Open Golf Championship will take place at our wonderful partner field at the Jurmala Golf Club. More than 100 young golfers are attending the championship and it is proof that young people are more and more interested in untraditional sports. MS 16 is actively supporting child participation in various sports events because our belief is that sports are making people especially child lifes better and maintains a great health in a long term. MS 16 wishes luck to all the participants! 


MS 16 office expansion

MS 16 office construction work is finished which results in company expansion and IT department addition to the current structure. Department will focus on KYC and AML solution and mobile application development as well as maintenance of current MS 16 digital products including digital tennis court systems. MS 16 proudly supports innovative product development and invests in startup companies to expand it’s asset class and encourage young people’s first steps in business development.

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MS 16 ENRI new tennis courts

MS 16 with it’s strategic partner ENRI is constantly expanding its asset class and the latest addition includes the purchase of MERKS tennis courts at Viesturdārzs which was added as an addition to MS 16 Holding. Viesturdārzs is located only 5 min walk from the oldtown and is one of the oldest parks in Riga. Since the beginning of May, this is an opportunity for center citizens to come and play tennis between work break and stay more active all days of the week. Courts are open everyday 10:00-22:00. To reserve the court contact (+371) 25 600 200

See you on the field! 


MS 16 opens a new cafe at ENRI

At ENRI main building Kalnciema iela 207, MS 16 opens new cafe which is made for you to take a break after sports activities. The menu offerings are simple but delicious with foamy cappuccinos, craft beers, light bites, craft cocktails and boutique wines as well as special lunch offers. The place is grand yet through an interesting medley of design choices manages to feel intimate and cozy inside. The outdoor would be a lovely space for a birthday gathering or casual event with your family and friends. 

An opening will happen on June 15th and working times are everyday from 10:00-22:00. Come by and take a look yourself! 


New partnership with FBO RIGA

New partnership with FBO RIGA, a part of Flight Consulting Group. MS 16 are always looking for great partnership with good companies for creating strong bond.

FBO RIGA offers a full range of services for the ground handling of aircraft, passengers, and flight crews of charter and business aviation flights at the Riga International Airport. The philosophy of FBO RIGA is a personalized approach to every customer and an exceptional quality service meeting the highest international standards. FBO RIGA received the first prize of Sapphire Pegasus Award and became the best FBO in Europe.

MS 16 value that kind of company and are very happy to work with FBO RIGA (visit their website at

Have a great week, and see you soon.


Chef Corner Restaurant group

For all those foodies, this is excellent news, because MS 16 is now working with a restaurant group which consists of Chef Corner Restaurant, Mullberry, Cock & Bull restaurant concepts. Without any doubt, these are the best places to eat in Baltics. This new partnership is based on a genuine appreciation of incredible food, high-quality customer service and willingness to face business process challenges of food & service industry. Together we will create business solutions to dominate luxury and entertainment segments in Baltics and beyond. Therefore we encourage you to experience unforgettable dining experience from Chef Corner, Mullberry, Cock & Bull brands.

Have a great week, and see you soon.


Fight Night 16

Holidays are over, we all should get back to work. But just take deep breath and let’s see what MS 16 are up to this time.

On 29th August evening there was happening LNK Fight Night 16. MS 16 supporting LNK Fight Night 16 for full night of entertainment. Whoof… that was some night. 9 professional fights in different fight classes and this was just first that kind of night in COVID safe environment for everyone to enjoy. Full of excitement and adrenaline rush, more than expected, this was small recap of Fight Night 16.

Have productive work week, from MS16.

Have great day!


MS 16 creating a new platform

MS 16 are developing analytics platform for fintech companies. Developing a new platform is not an easy job, but step by step MS 16 will build smart platform, with new analytics tools to make a safe bridge for your money. Nowadays you need to adapt much faster for growing economics. MS 16 is on approach to making platform who will carry data examination to new level, for simple access and in language for everybody to understand. Of course, MS 16 knows it’s just a small tool, but there is saying: you know you are good as your tools. Future seems bright and interesting as ever, stay tuned for new posts.

Have great day!