Aļona Ostapenko tennis hall opened at ENRI

MS 16 is glad to be part of a new tennis hall opening in Riga, Kalnciema Street 207. The hall bears the name of Aļona Ostapenko, which in 2017 won the Open Tennis Championship in France, which is the most prestigious tennis championship in the world, winning the Roland-Garros Cup and thus glorifying Latvian tennis around the world.

The new tennis hall is located on the territory of the ENRI Sports Club on Kalnciema Street 207, between Riga and Jurmala. It was named after the world-famous tennis player from Latvia for a reason. This club is where Aļona was practicing from childhood and went to victory with the support of his club and many other Enri partners and friends.

The new tennis hall named after Aļona Ostapenko is an entirely reconstructed stationary indoor hall with a new “hard” coating, which professional tennis players consider to be the perfect tennis game. Aļona says that it her favorite coating type.

The new hall fully meets all international requirements and standards: its construction only using the most advanced technologies, ecologically pure raw materials, energy saving ventilation and advanced type of heating equipment. The hall is mainly for professional athletes and children who are professionally developing a tennis game looking to grow their skills.

Within the territory of ENRI tennis club, is an Aļona Ostapenko alley which holds all the tennis cups, she has won since her childhood, including this year’s French Open Tennis Championship – Roland-Garros Cup. These cups and awards located in the alley can be viewed by anyone interested in coming to the ENRI Sports Club. “I remember this tennis club for as long as myself. My mother was here and I fell in love with tennis and how the athlete grew up right here. Therefore, I am especially pleased that the new hall of such a significant club has been named in my name”, says Aļona Ostapenko.


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