MS 16 ENRI breaking ground on tennis technology

The emergence of ‘smart court’ technology represents an exciting and potentially transformational development for the sport of tennis. Therefore MS 16 installs 2 new smart tennis systems within Enri Tennis courts in Riga.

Currently, Enri Courts are equipped with two systems:

  1. Mojjo – French-based tennis technology company, and
  2. Wingfield – German-based tennis technology company.

Both systems work similarly, with minor differences, but they all share common features such as, both are cloud-based sports video and analytics platforms featuring technology which offers line calling, live streaming, instant multi-angle video replays and detailed statistics about shots played.

Any court can become a Smart Court when equipped with an interactive touch-screen kiosk, together with six automated HD cameras. The system uses advanced image processing and analytical algorithms to capture and log stroke type, ball trajectory, speed, spin and player movement.

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