A step closer to shared economy

MS 16 partners with P2P Conference 2019 in Riga. With the help of MS 16 team, industry specialist and other interests will be able to learn about the shared economy, make new contacts and expand the total body of knowledge in the field.

The sharing economy, also known as the access economy, peer-to-peer (P2P) economy, or collaborative economy is a mode of consumption whereby goods and services are not owned by a single user, but rather only temporarily accessed by members of a network and underutilized assets are shared, either for free or for a fee. It includes sharing, bartering, lending, trading, renting, gifting, and swapping redefined through technology and peer communities. Other examples include: exchanging, collective purchasing, shared ownership, shared value, borrowing, and subscription-based models. It is based on the idea that having access to a good or service can be preferable to having ownership of such good or service and that there are benefits to collaboration in ownership.

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