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On August 24th this year the Great Guild will host a presentation of the promising collection of poems by Poppy Flower, invited by its Latvian-speaking English translator, cultural events organizer and independent writer Kate Ločmele. Along with the presentation of the poetry collection, guests will be able to participate in a creative painting workshop led by IZO ART lecturers as well as learn how to write in different poetry techniques. All proceeds from the event will be donated to the charity project Dr. Clown.

The book is written in English and is presented in an innovative style with no page numbering or references. The book is just poetry, poppy-themed illustrations in a mixed order, and extra free pages where the owner can create their own illustrations, feelings, or write reflections during moments of inspiration and reflection. It serves as a companion for internal dialogue. The lack of numbering allows you to distinguish and read a collection on any page and start with your day, afternoon, or end of the working day. Each poem has its own thoughts and feelings.

“We each read the book on our own, just as the world feels different. I invite you to join me in the solemn opening of the book, to create poppy paintings that I can remember, and hopefully to take a pleasant time traveling through the pages of the poetry book,” says Kate Ločmele, author of the book.

Thanks to MS 16’s financial support, all proceeds from the entrance fee will be donated to the charity project Dr. Klauns.

The Dr. Clown has been operating as a public charity since 2012, and its members – 45 professional medical clowns – travel daily to Children’s Clinical University Hospital and other hospitals in Latvia to psychologically assist children by facilitating their daily lives while in hospital.

The book presentation will also announce the book’s marketplaces in both the Latvian and international markets, as well as the name of the Instagram account to follow the news and purchase the book online, provided by social media and influencer marketing agency Honeymoon High.

The Poetry Collection Presentation and Creative Workshop will be held on Saturday, August 24th at 2 p.m. at the Great Guild, Amatu Street 6, Riga. Both book lovers and families with children are invited to attend. The entry fee is EUR 15, but children under 7 are free to enter. Coffee break with snacks will also be provided.

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