New MS 16 headquarter building presented

Inspired by our core values, we were able to design our new headquarters from the ground up, with a focus on creating a great workplace and center of innovation in support of our number one core value – employees. And because our customers are our partners in innovation, our headquarters will also be home to the new Customer Center, scheduled to open this summer.

Built for collaboration

The building was designed with a primary goal in mind: to encourage collaboration. With space to accommodate 500 employees, we’re able to support our core value of innovation by bringing many of our product and technology employees under one roof.

We’ve created an ideal environment for agile software development, including many open spaces, whole walls of traditional whiteboards, new high-tech tools including digital whiteboards and video walls, and four great rooms, which were made to feel like living rooms where large groups of employees can come together.

Like the rest of the building, the new Center is designed to enable collaboration with our current and prospective customers and includes suites to provide them with an intimate and customized setting for their visits.

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