MS 16 announces scholarships for university students

Each year, the best and most talented students from Latvian universities and colleges, compete for the chance to be awarded prestigious MS 16 Talent scholarship. Students must show motivation and talent in their respective fields to eligible, as well students must have proven track record of academic excellence.

Scholarships, available to bachelor and master students, are upwards to 5000 EUR per student in one academic year. Scholarships, generally are directed towards covering students tuition fee, however, under specific conditions, students may use the funds to advance their research projects or invest the funds in the startup idea of their own. MS 16 does not award scholarships directly. For eligibility and rules, please contact your respective university or college.

Why do we give scholarships?

On the broader scope, scholarships create an opportunity for the community. The more educated the public and the full range of possibilities students have, the better jobs they will have, or they will create. The scholarship, therefore, builds a community, with more diversity and more opportunity.

In a more narrow sense, universities and colleges cost a lot more than it used to. The tuition fees are up, as well as living costs. This economic reality does preclude some bright and talented people from pursuing a degree. At MS 16 we want everyone to have the chance to prove themselves, a chance to do something good for themselves and the community.

Additionally, some students with big dreams and world-changing ideas are not able to pursue them. Obligations, such as debt accumulated during the study years limits the opportunity to risk and to engage in unproven ideas, which we believe is a huge barrier and with our MS 16 Talent scholarship, we aim to reduce.

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