Investment Strategy

Our investment strategy is focused on seeking to identify high quality businesses with high quality management teams that we believe offer a significant margin of safety form valuation perspective. 

Our research based investment process leads to differentiated conclusions on the quality and long term performance of the companies and management teams we invest in. In doing so we believe that we meaningfully demonstrate the business case for sustainable investment.


Long time horizon

Our long-time horizon gives us patients to find businesses with high quality management teams and sustainable business strategies.


Sustainability Lens

Full integration of sustainability analysis helps us to make comprehensive assessment of potential portfolio companies.


Quality and Value

Our quality focused framework allows us to be contrarian investors and our price discipline guides our thinking on entering, exiting and scaling portfolio positions.


Responsible Ownership

We engage with companies constructively in order to protect and enhance our investments, and provide guidance and insight in the areas where we have insight and experts.


Conviction Perspective

Experienced and diverse group meets annually to discuss key long-term issues that may have a material impact on the investment landscape.